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As a manufacturer of apparel, we acknowledge the responsibility that comes with creating a product with a life cycle. As citizens of this planet, we recognize our unique and beautiful position as stewards of our environment. In addition to the measures we already take to help mitigate our environmental impact, from plant dyeing our apparel, reusing the water in our vats, designing with an eye towards minimal textile waste, composting our studio waste, and shipping our goods in recycled and recyclable packaging, we have also begun several programs that center around the theme of circularity. What is circularity? For us it means seeking out and creating new ways to repurpose and reuse our fabric remnants, and now, taking ownership of the post-consumer life of our apparel.
We invite you to join us in this project by sending back your well-worn MBS apparel (whether stained, damaged, or simply ready for a new home). When you do, you will receive a 20% discount off of your next purchase, applicable to any item in the In-Stock collection of 
The items you send back to us will be integrated into our Zero Waste Program. Once received, wearable clothing will be donated, unwearable items will be upcycled into new products in our Zero Waste product line, sent to our Austin based textile recycling partner, Josco, who will convert them into industrial rags for tradespeople, or donated to the Austin Area Quilt Guild. The AAQG donates quilts to Safe Place, an Austin Shelter for battered women and children, as well as other charitable causes.
H O W  I T  W O R K S
In recycled packaging, ship your item(s) to:
1211 E 11th St, Suite 202 
AUSTIN, TX 78702
P L E A S E  I N C L U D E: 
Your name, email address, and order number (if you still have it, no biggie if you don't) or any other details you can provide about where and when your item(s) was originally purchased.
A N D  T H E N 
When we receive your shipment, we will send you a confirmation email as well as a discount code for 20% off of your next purchase, applicable to your entire purchase from our In-Stock collection. Your discount code will be valid for one year and every shipment you send will generate a new, 20% discount code. 
We thank you for joining us in this effort to reimagine, recycle and consider more and more ways to promote circularity within our brand.