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MIRANDA BENNETT STUDIO is a collection of modern, plant-dyed apparel, ethically made in the USA. 

Introducing : Carta

We are proud to introduce the arrival of Carta, and their intoxicating scent Moena 12 | 69.

Carta takes an ecological approach to fragrance design; with practices rooted in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and reverence for the planet. Their fragrances are inspired by the complexity of Earth’s ecosystems and the people working to protect them. It is their intent to foster awareness of current environmental issues and to support organizations dedicated to finding conservation solutions.

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Meet the Model

Name: Ava

Height: 5’2"

Bust: 32

Waist: 26

Hips: 35

Dress Size: S

Jean Size: 26/27

Favorite Place: grandma’s house

Dogs or Cats? Dogs I guess.

Coffee or Tea? Iced coffee year round !! None of that seasonal drinker nonsense !!

See How Ava Wears MBS

plant dyed

Our fabrics are dyed by hand with plant-derived materials, including extracts of various wood varieties, pomegranate rind and natural indigo. 

Summer Suiting.

a powerful summer duo, the Atwood Jacket & the Harlow Short are the ultimate for warm weather 

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austin flagship

1211 E 11th St, Ste 101

Austin, TX 78702

Mon - Fri, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, 10am - 7pm
Sunday, 10am - 5pm

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